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AED an abbreviation that in full means Automated External Defibrillator is a medical device that can be easily be moved from one place to another. These devices are a medical miracle because; they are used for patients who suffer sudden cardiac arrest. Whenever the heart loses its normal rhythm, this device sends shock waves to the heart muscle thus waking it to the regular beating; to be able to do so, it does the monitoring of the heart functioning to rectify in case there is a change. It is vital to have these devices because; cardiac arrest is a sudden killer in many people which means it lowers an individual's lifespan. There are signs that accompany a sudden cardiac arrest, someone may collapse, seizure, labored breathing or no breathing at all, weak pulse or not at all and due to lack of oxygen, their skin will darken. So if someone collapses near you be sure to check for these signs that may indicate a sudden cardiac arrest. Learn more about AEDs for sale,  go here. 


The main reason as to why this medical machine is beneficial is because of its heart rhythm monitoring capability. When one is attached to a defibrillator, it is easy to check if the heart is still beating or it has stopped. When you can get this information first hand, it is much simpler to save lives thus preventing death. 

Being that it is easy to use, anyone even without the necessary qualification can be able to save the life of someone who suffers cardiac arrest. This is done by pressing the shock button on the device, but before pressing it, one should first attach the device this will complete the circuit thus sending the needed shock waves to wake the heart. Find out for further details on AEDs and Infants right here.


This device is also equipped with a manual that will enable the rescuer to know what to do in case of an emergency. This guide in most cases is in the form of an audio device inside the gadget. With this provision, there will be no reason as to why someone should die when help is there.


The use of this defibrillator is guaranteed to be safe for adults. But in the case of infants, many studies need to be done exhaustively to determine if it is safe or risky. Otherwise, in infants with cardiac challenges, a much more sophisticated defibrillator is recommended for use. Many babies who suffer cardiac arrest is due to failed breathing system this means that it won't be helpful to the baby than the success rate in adults because it cannot monitor any irregular breathing product.


In conclusion, having these devices is important because it may be the only thing standing between you and saving a life urgently. So invest in one as it is easy to use. Please view this site for further details.